Maintenance:                             $180 / hr
Consultations:                             $50 / 30 mins
After-hours / A.O.G. service:    $250 / hr (two hrs minimum, subject to availability)
Fabric and large projects:         Please call to discuss your options.
On-Site repairs:                         Subject to availability. Please call for details. 

Annual / Condition Inspections: Starting at $1595 (single-engine, fixed gear) and $2095 (single-engine, retractable gear). Please call for details. 

Owner-Assisted Inspections: Please call to discuss options.

All parts and materials (e.g. gaskets, oil & filters) are extra and will be charged in addition to inspection rate.

We bill based on Time & Materials unless otherwise pre-arranged. Estimates may be provided upon request and will be made in good-faith; however, actual times may vary considerably due to the nature of most repairs.

All jobs are billed 1 hr minimum and in 15 min (0.25 hr) increments after that. Time is recorded for each job using an online application. 

Mike’s often hires outside vendors for their specialized services (e.g. other A&Ps,  Inspectors, welders, instrument repair stations, etc…). Their parts & labor rates are separate and will be a separate line item on your invoice.

*Normal business hours are M-F, 8:30 am – 5 pm. After-hours rates apply to nights & weekends. We are closed on holidays.


We are pleased to accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Payment is expected upon completion of service. Therefore, invoices are due upon receipt unless arranged with Mike’s prior to the commencement of work.


Parts and materials (including consumables), associated crating charges & shipping costs will be paid for by the customer. These will be itemized on the final invoice. Please note that Mike’s has no control over shipping costs, especially related to overnight & shipment of large items.

*Mike’s AeroClassics only accepts NEW and YELLOW-TAGGED parts. In some cases, we may accept an owner-produced part provided it meets FAA requirements. We reserve the right to charge labor for time spent verifying airworthiness of owner-supplied parts.


LABOR: A Late Fee equal to 1.5% of unpaid labor balance will be added beginning 14 days after invoice due date. Late fees will accrue monthly thereafter.

PARTS AND MATERIALS: A Late Fee equal to 15% of unpaid parts balance will be added beginning 7 days after invoice due date. Late fees will accrue monthly thereafter.



A non-refundable deposit is required for all appointments at the time of scheduling to confirm and hold your appointment. This deposit will be applied to your balance due at the end of your appointment.

Mike’s AeroClassics requests at least 72 hours notice of cancellation / rescheduling for all appointments.* We are more than happy to reschedule your appointment and apply your deposit towards a future appointment if you give 72 hrs notice. We understand that unplanned circumstances happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 72 hrs prior to your appointment time, your deposit is non-refundable and a new deposit will be required to book another future appointment.

Upon cancellation, Mike’s AeroClassics will be reimbursed by customer for parts & materials already purchased for their repair(s). These items will be stored until the repair can be made, until the customer picks up the materials or for 60 days, whichever comes first. After 60 days, parts and materials become property of Mike’s AeroClassics.

*Does not apply when inclement weather or safety issues delay travel to Mike’s hangar.



Warranty Coverage

Mike’s AeroClassics warrants against defects in materials and workmanship of fabric repairs for a period of thirty (30) days from the date the aircraft is made available for delivery to Owner. Said warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by other factors such as “hangar rash,” exceeding aircraft limitations, weather damage (including hail), bird strikes, etc. Additionally, this warranty does not cover parts purchased on Owner’s behalf or work provided by subcontractors, and it is up to the Owner to obtain warranty coverage from those providers directly. If a defect in materials and/or workmanship is found, Mike’s AeroClassics may, at its option, repair the defect using the same materials, or if such are not available then materials of similar quality. Alternatively, in Mike’s AeroClassics discretion Mike’s AeroClassics may pay for Owner to have such repair made elsewhere. Such work if completed by Mike’s AeroClassics, shall, once completed, be covered by this warranty for thirty (30) days from date the repaired aircraft is available for delivery to Owner. 

Disclaimer of Common Law and Statutory Warranties

THE WARRANTY IN THE SECTION ABOVE IS THE ONLY WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO THE SERVICES RENDERED PURSUANT TO THIS AGREEMENT. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. No person, including employees of Mike’s AeroClassics, is authorized to make any other warranty on Mike’s AeroClassics’ behalf. Mike’s AeroClassics disclaimers in the section above apply whether a warranty arises from California Commercial Code, from expression of Mike’s AeroClassics, by implication, or from the common law.

Obtaining Warranty Repair Work

Mike’s AeroClassics will provide warranty service work only at its facility. If warranty repair is elected by Mike’s AeroClassics, as contemplated above, it is the responsibility of Owner to deliver the aircraft, or if agreed upon by Mike’s AeroClassics, the part of parts requiring repair, to Mike’s AeroClassics facility at Owner​’​s cost and expense. All communications regarding warranty coverage should be made by contacting Mike’s AeroClassics at 925-453-2507 or by email at​. If the defect qualifies for repair service and if Mike’s AeroClassics elects to provide such service, a Mike’s AeroClassics representative will schedule the timing of service and manner of delivery of aircraft or part.