Mike’s AeroClassics now offers the following services on the Rotax 9 Series Aircraft engines:


  • Inspection and Servicing to the 25 Hour (when operating on 100 LL) & 100 Hour or Annual Inspection Level.rotax-912-is
    • Basic servicing: oil changes, magnetic plug & oil filter inspections
    • Propeller gearbox general condition & friction torque
    • Carburetor Synchronization & needle adjustment
    • Differential Compression tests
    • Test run of engine
  • Unscheduled maintenance checks
    • Propeller strike incidents
    • Operating limits of engine have been exceeded

Line Maintenance

  • Removal, replacement and adjustment of engine system components. 
    • Cylinder Heads, Cylinders & Pistons
    • Intake / exhaust system
    • Carburetors
    • Ignition system
    • Gearbox
    • Starter
    • Oil pump
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting issues
  • Test run of engine


Mike is a certified independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT), administered by the Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC, Ltd.).

ROTAX® is a trade mark of BRP-Powertrain GmbH&Co KG.