Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to host a production team lead by local pilot/actor, Adam Thayer, and Producer/Director Andrew Teravskis, who were making a movie for the state of CA Stormwater Awareness Week 2019. Adam had a vision of using a biplane flying around Livermore Valley as the setup for an educational program geared towards the water runoff from CA state airports. Adam gave me a call to help him find a biplane. We hooked him up with a few options, and he chose one of our customers, Chuck Orr, and his beautiful 1977 Great Lakes 2T-1A-2. Using the Mike’s AeroClassics main hangar as the backdrop, Andrew and his team made an old-fashioned movie set, where the airplane & actors could fly along in a purposefully, deliciously cheesy kind of way! Coupled with actual flight footage, the final movie is fun! We are so grateful to have been a part of it. Check out the photos from the shoot & the final video on Vimeo!